Issue 68: Beauty and Rope

With the use of only one lighting set up throughout the shoot, Phil produced unique images by incorporating an artsy rope bondage concept and creating three looks for the photoshoot, with the help of a makeup artist.

Issue 66: Underwater Illusion

On the front page of this month’s issue, Raj K shares a trick on how to create underwater ripples for portraiture. Learn how to execute the process and achieve the effect by following through his step-by-step guide on how to create a DIY set from scratch.

Issue 64: Creative Portraits

As the face of this month’s issue, Evalina Lopez’ work exemplifies different ways to use simple yet creative props that is accessible to anyone. She further demonstrates how to achieve artistic portraits and leverage your location by experimenting with different angles and perspectives.

Issue 58: The Violinist

Together with photographers Susan Gietka, Joseph Amoateng, and Kate Woodman, we tackle the chromatic contrast of soft lighting to working with color gels and long duration shutterspeed.

Issue 56: Sabai-Sabai

Included in this issue is Giselle Natassia's twist of glamour photography with a cultural blend. In this project, Natassia collaborated with a talented team of artists and models, featuring one of Asia’s Top Model Season 5 finalists, Dorothy Petzold.

Issue 55: The Merman

On the cover, Shawn Negri gives us his tips on the combination of speedlights, props, costume and a simplistic background to achieve a dramatic yet realistic outcome of a rockstar-looking Merman.

Issue 52: Aztec Tribe

As the cover of Issue 52, JP Stones provides guidelines on how to conceptualise, strategise and execute photos depicting the early lives of the Aztec People in South America.

Issue 50: Through the Ring Flash

One way to let your model exude beauty is by using a light source that fills subtly - one that creates interesting catchlights, which are the rudimentary features of the oddly shaped crescent tool, we called the ring flash.