Issue 09

The one on how to defy logic and stretch your imagination to create the images of your dreams. Tips, tricks and tutorials. Postproduction walkthroughs ranging from high-end photoshop composing down to a surreal workflow leveraging smartphone apps only.

        Issue 08

        The one with the shooting outside at the lake, where Michael uses speedlights while Jürgen Wermeister swears by reflectors.

        Issue 07

        The one enabling Good Light! Mag readers to shoot awesome photos everywhere. Some highlights: Thomas Wilken is shooting high-end fashion with available light and the new Olympus OM-D EM1. Playboy playmate Coxy Dominika is photographed at a crackling hot fireplace using flash and a dragged shutter speed and Damien Lovegrove turns a dull and dark day in January into the sunniest day of the year by using an HMI light during his boudoir shoot. 

          Issue 06

          The one in which awesome photographers show you how to make precious images of precious things. Playboy Centerfold Evelin Aubert and Pia Passion (Cover) are photographed wearing precious gems. See the 3D shoot of Melanie Iglesias for WMB Magazine (with lighting setup!). Follow the lighting exercise designed to make you a master of soft light.

          Issue 05

          The one in which Michael and Ariel use color in portrait photography to their advantage. At the same time model Fredau is getting so desaturated from skin color (preset downloadable) that she is finally looking like a porcelain statue.

            Issue 04

             The one with an Adobe Lightroom preset which simply turns your photos into Neo Noir style up to a case study of how a team of pro’s goes about producing a fashion piece.

              Issue 03

              The one with the crazy Christmas themed photoshoot and with the heart-melting photos made with a 3-point-candle lighting setup.

                Issue 01

                The very first edition of Good Light! Magazine. The one with the great lighting made with one speedlight in the small white dressing-room.