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Who Needs Sun Anyway?

When taking pictures outside, you needn’t be at the mercy of unreliable weather. If you planned on-location shoot is jeopardized by an overcast sky, you can easily use your flash to imitate direct sunlight. That’s right, you can successfully fake the Sun! All you need to do is simply place the speedlight 3 feet behind the model, so it would emit the light right into the lens.

backlighting with speedlight tutorialIt’s definitely not the most subtle trick in the book, but it will do when you require a bright outdoor shot. Whatever the weather, you don’t have to walk away from your next on-location shoot empty-handed!

As much as you are tempted sometimes to mount your flash on the camera and never give it a second thought during the shoot, it is much more beneficial to experiment with positioning your light source at different angles, distances and heights from the model.

Just because the flash is your only means of creating a lighting setup doesn’t mean you can go down the path of least resistance and restrain your creativity. We hope I’ve managed to prove as much to you today!


Model: Fredau Hoekstra

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