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Water Drops on Skin

How to bring water drops onto the skin of a nude model, so that they are looking spectacular on photos? Today I share a simple video answer to this photo question that I get more often. 

It's not the kind of photo tutorial video that you might know me for. In Good Light Academy I use messengers for answering photo questions all the time. In the academy, we bring photographers to the next level of their photography. So there are many details to discuss. The messengers work really well for this.
That's why I wanted to share such an answer on YouTube. Let me know if that is valuable to you. If yes, I can probably share more of such answers. Today's question is something that Emily and I explained in detail in the book "Low-key Bodyscapes". In this book, we show how to shoot nudes with body lotion, with oil, with water drops and even with glycerine drops. If you know that book, this video won't bring you new insights. But if you have not read it and you would like to make photos with water drops on the model's nude body, then please check it out.
In case you would like to learn more about Good Light Academy, please drop me an Email with the subject "Academy" to [email protected].
I wish you good light!

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