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Issue 47: A Fashion Photographer's Journey

In Issue 47, we were fortunate to get an interview with the fashion photographer Bruce Smith who shares with us his simplistic portraits with Nigel Barker as well as other edgy and unconventional portraits from his collection.

Good Light! Magazine Issue 47

ISSUE 47 - The one showing practical tips to create elegant photos that will steal the limelight of the holiday season.

Photos/ Videos:

  • Tay Voye
  • Bruce Smith
  • Samantha Jackson


  • Mark Gaso
  • Stephanie Carvajal

Producer: Bienna Cornnachia

On the cover: Nigel Barker

Issue 43: Sugar Fix

With this month's substantially jam-packed issue, our cover comes from a name you may be familiar with if you're a regular reader. This month of August features Elena Paraskeva as she focuses on incorporating lighting and color gels to change the backdrop around the already bold and colorful model.

Good Light! Magazine Issue 43

ISSUE 43 - The one with tips on how to create high impact fashion images using effective lighting setups.


  • Michael Zelbel
  • Anthony Horak
  • Elena Paraskeva
  • Jodi Jones
  • Jen Rozenbaum


  • Mark Gaso
  • Bienna Cornacchia
  • Stephanie Carvajal

Producer: Benson Batty

On the Cover: Anastacia Stacie Vanelli


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