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Good Light! Magazine Issue 12

ISSUE 12 - The one in which we bring the sun into your heart and into your exposures. With tips for spicy holiday photos, not only with your big camera but also with your smartphone.

Good Light! Magazine Issue 11

ISSUE 11 - The one in which we are keeping things simple: How to shoot magazine cover photos with a one-light setup, on making portraits with an iPhone and tricks for a boudoir shooting with available light.

4 Technical Tips for Shooting Cover Photos

Would you like to see your work on the cover of a magazine? Maybe even on my little ol’Good Light! Magazine? Then I have a few technical tips for you. We recently held a little workshop at a trade fair called Photokina.

Cover Good Light! Magazine Issue 10

ISSUE 10 - The one in which  the one in which we are shooting brides and couples in creative ways, for example bridal boudoir with Playboy Playmate Evelin Aubert. We explain how to break into commercial wedding photography and you will see Michael's biggest lighting fail ever.Michael is shooting hot, steamy shower photos of playmate Olga Kaminska, without actually using a shower or anything similar.


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