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Your Precious Issue 06

Issue 06 of Good Light! Magazine is out, and I want you to get the most value from of it.

This particular issue is mostly about how professional photographers produce high-end model photos for their clients. We’ll dicuss not only how to take perfect photos, but how they can perfectly fit the purposes of their various publications, ranging from editorials to advertisements. We themed this issue "Precious Things."

Our contributors include Lindsay Adler, who will explain her genius concept of High-Impact Low-Fuss Lighting; Nick Saglimbeni, who will take you behind the scenes of his high-end 3D production for World’s Most Beautiful Magazine; and Anthony Neste, who will explain how he built up his business and how he photographs the most stunning models of this planet. Have a look at the video in this article in order to get an idea of all the other useful topics covered in this huge magazine issue.

Like always, we feature a lot of stunning example photos. However, our challenge was to not show off with glossy photos, but deliver real value to you, our reader.
How could we explain everything in ways that would benefit you by getting a boatload of actionable tips and techniques for your own photography?
I believe our contributors did an excellent job doing exactly that. They explained every step on their photographic path in detail. They provided a lot of detailed lighting setups.

In this day and age, a good magazine does not only show text and images. Video is an integral part of it because it brings across the reality and the details of a photo shoot so much better than narrative text ever could. It raises the value for the reader tremendously. That’s why we feature no less than 12 videos inside the magazine this time. Most of them show behind-the-scenes footage, letting you peek right into the action as it happens.

Have a quick look at the cover shoot for example:


Issue 06 is now available to all subscribers of Good Light! Magazine. Like always, our precious subscribers are the first to get ahold of new issues. With their subscription, they also enjoy a nice discount. A subscription is only US$ 2.99 per quarter, compared to US$ 3.99 per single issue.  This time, we also added a very sweet bonus:  Our subscribers will get a brand new additional subscriber-only issue of Good Light! Magazine, which will be explained in a future blog post. This is definitely the time to get your Good Light! Magazine subscription here.

I wish you good light!
-- Michael



If you want to delve even deeper into high-end photography, but you prefer to do it with simple gear, then Lindsay Adler's High-Impact Low-Fuss Lighting is exactly what you need.

Lindsay has compiled a video tutorial of more than 7 hours. She shows you her simple way of setting up a shoot, lighting it, producing photos and post processing them to perfection - everything from start to finish. She is explaining the setups, which made her by far the most money in her career.

For the next two weeks, Lindsay is offering our Good Light! readers a discount of 40% on her awesome tutorial.

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Image above

Model: Pia Passion
Photo: Sarah Pulvermüller



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