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Out and About with Issue 08

It’s springtime! It’s time to get your gear out, go out into the open and shoot exceptional portraits on location.

To motivate you, we’re kicking off our latest issue of Good Light! Magazine with a cover story featuring lighting fundamentals for an outdoor shoot at a little lake near Düsseldorf, Germany, the home of Good Light! Magazine. The weather in Germany is notoriously unpredictable, so we also feature an article by Sarah Pulvermüller with practical advice for handling indoor shoots.

If you are fortunate enough to live in a country such as Thailand, the home of our featured photographer Watcharwit Ya-inta, where the weather is much more pleasant then you might enjoy street photography as your excuse to get out and about. Read and watch his emotional story and take his 10 Tips to Kick-Start Your Own “Strangers on the Street Challenge" to heart. Also, check out Kevin Tang’s interview with David Miller, who transforms street photography into surreal art form.

How do I smoothly angle down the Easy-Up Softbox with the Mitros+ speedlight inside? I simply mounted a Phottix Multi-boom 16" Flash Bracket on the umbrella swivel. Check it out, it's working like charm!


And if you are not subscribed to Good Light! Magazine yet, then fix it right now so that you can check out Issue 08 immediately. Try out our setups and produce some stunning images.

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Issue 08 is now available to all subscribers of Good Light! Magazine. Like always, our precious subscribers are the first to get ahold of new issues. With their subscription, they also enjoy a nice discount. 

I wish you good light!
-- Michael


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Model: Noemi Kappel
Photo: Michael Zelbel



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