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Issue 11 is now available to all subscribers of Good Light! Magazine. Like always, our precious subscribers are the first to get ahold of new issues. With their subscription, they also enjoy a nice discount. 

The cover image is from our workshop at photokina. Remember the 4 tips from the video?

Here they are again:



More than a thousand readers provided us with valuable feedback, and in the coming months we will do our best to use it for making your experience with Good Light! Magazine even better.

One wish stood out in particular – for us to update more often. In this fast-paced time, a quarterly magazine just isn’t enough…

So brace yourselves – Good Light! Magazine is going monthly, starting now!

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With the next issue coming out on January 15th, we will start a little series of tips for spicy holiday photos. Emily and myself did shoot these on our recent holiday at Club Spice on Lanzarote. A very first half-minute impression of can be seen in my

==> Last email (Holiday Photo BTS) 


I wish you good light!


Image above

Model: Emily Wei
Photo: Michael Zelbel



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