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Jewelry Styled Photo Shoot

From Good Light! Mag Issue 06: Taking photos that send a high-flying lifestyle statement has always enjoyed a wide audience.

Issue 18: Manual flash exposure outdoors

So we went outside to that lake again in order to make a nice, long photo shoot. The shoot took exactly 15 minutes... until it started raining.

Amp up your photos with backgrounds and textures

Turning regular photos into something spectacular by replacing the background in Photoshop is really powerful. My first photography mentor, Stefan Gesell, became a real icon by layering photos of his models over other backgrounds and textures.

Is your model standing out?

A beautiful model in an epic location with breathtaking light falling in through the windows. Is this enough to make a dream photo? I think in order to do our models justice we photographers have to make sure that we let our model shine in the photo much more than the location.


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