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Issue 41: How to Crush Your Competition

While you may think that holding another fancy DSLR and strobes will make you stand out in today's saturated world of competitive photographers, Jen Rozenbaum points out that the biggest competition out there is ourselves.

Amazon is sunsetting their Cloud Drive Unlimited plan

Amazon is sunsetting its cloud drive unlimited plan. What cloud service should I use as a mirror of my files? 7TB of photos, videos and all kinds of stuff. Any suggestions?


Do it anyway! - Issue 40 Walkthrough - Facebook Live Replay

I've been live on Facebook, sharing some background information about the stories of Issue 40. There are tips, tricks, why we photographers sometimes want to give up and how to do it anyway.

Issue 40: Dancers After Dark

Get ideas of what today’s photographers have to go through to capture candid subjects and creative portraiture on the streets. In this issue, we walked through the city at night with Jordan Matter's techniques on how he pulled-off a risky photoshoot with nude dancers on the streets of New York.


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