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Issue 38: Colorful Black

Carlos Alvarado demonstrates to us how to light a rich dark skin tone using bluish-green gel to his main light. In combination with other gels, the results were magnificent: it was flawless and created a flattering skin tone.

Issue 36 Good Light Magazine

Issue 36: Victorian Spring

Elena Paraskeva shares her creative process on how she came up with an idea all the way to the final product of creating the Victorian Spring, not to mention a few tips on working with animals. 

Issue 35: Ski and Snow Board Photography

Don’t get cold feet! Robin O’neill definitely captures the ethos of winter amid the critical and harsh weather condition. As an adventurer herself, she provides us with practical tips on her trip to photograph ski athletes.

Issue 34: Creatures

Do you want something wicked for November? I think it’s time we take a glimpse into the world of Sombre Photography. Anna Lucylle created a dark series with a goal to unleash original characters from scratch. 


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