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DIY: Bubblewrap Softening Filter

Gradually, as you shoot more and more various images and tap into different creative techniques, you will end up with a formidable battery of lens filters for every purpose imaginable: polarizers, warming/cooling filters, neutral density filters and many others.

Basics. Interview with Ed Verosky

Especially for the first issue of Good Light!


5 Questions for...Jacques Rattaz

This is going to be a regular section of our magazine. Here we are going to feature upcoming photographers who caught the attention of our Good Light team and who sparked our interest. It’s about people that we want to know more about.

Ultra-Soft Beauty Light with One Bare Speedlight

Time has passed, things have changed since we did the beauty light shooting with 3 speedlights. Now we realize that the same results could have been achieved with only one speedlight at our disposal.


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