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One thing we really love about the photography scene is its diversity. There is a million ways to approach things and photographers tend to find every single one of them. As diverse as their approaches are the electronic devices photographers use. Be it smartphones, tablets or computers.


Enter our photo contest and get published

At the very moment there is a glorious way to get your photos published in Good Light! Magazine: Submit them to our photo contest!

The rules are simple: Share your best photos showing good lighting!
The deadline is September 14th 2013.

How to win our giant umbrella and how to shoot a cover with it

Shooting a magazine cover has always been tough and required pretty strong and heavy lighting gear… in the old days.


It’s published! Give me five!

Would you like to learn a bunch of new tricks and image techniques? Then Good Light! Magazine Issue 05 is right for you. In this issue we focus a lot on how to use color and how to remove it by desaturation in order to achieve stunning portrait effects.



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