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On Setting Up Good Light and Mitros Speedlight Giveaway

Photographers who have a solid system for positioning their photographic lights get results much faster than the ones who do trial and error. In issue 04 of Good Light! Magazine we feature an article for those who want to “create” good light rather than depending on “finding” it. Would you like to have a look at the video from this article?
In the video old cousin Michael explains his system for positioning lights around a subject.

Michael is bathing the model Pia Passion in good light using two brand new Mitros TTL Speedlights. These flashguns seriously rock! So it nearly breaks our heart that we are giving them away among the people commenting below the video. But hey, you deserve them! Are you shooting Canon, Nikon or Sony? Then you are going to love these fully featured Speedlights, which support the TTL functionality of your system. Shooting another brand? You will still be able to incorporate the lights as manual slaves in your setups.

So in any case please leave a little comment for us below and check the “Post to Facebook checkbox”. Any comment will do, but multiple comments will not count as multiple entries.

Our giveaway ends Sunday April 28th midnight US Eastern Time. Then we will select two entrants to receive one of the Mitros Speedlights each. That’s an additional Guide Number 58 in your fire power!


Thanks a ton to our beautiful model Pia Passion for playing along with us for this video!



Update: We held the drawing for our giveaway and here is the result

Thanks a lot to everybody who participated! Wonderful comments! We felt like giving away a little something extra. Besides the 2 Mitros speedlights we threw in a bit a couple of eBooks, our Boudoir Photography ebook and also our Maternity Photography eBook.  We also added creative poster templates for Photoshop (Movie Poster Template Bundles).

We will invite one of you into our Pro Portfolio Club for one year. In addition to that we are giving away the awesome photography training with the Drew Gardner, for a lucky cousin who might use it to make a quantum leap in his photography.

Random.org selected who of our fellow photographers receive a giveaway:

Jim Atwood Mitros Speedlight Number 1
Richard Klein Mitros Speedlight Number 2
Kevin Pieper Movie Poster Template Bundle
Allen Martin Movie Poster Template Bundle
Chad Thomas eBook "The Art of Boidoir Photography"
Bobby Jones eBook "The Art of Boidoir Photography"
Dave Hacker eBook "The Art of Boidoir Photography"
Jimmie Reamey eBook "The Art of Baby Belly Photography"
Robert Hunter eBook "The Art of Baby Belly Photography"
Phil Photoman eBook "The Art of Baby Belly Photography"
LaMishia Allen One Year Membershop ProPortfolioClub
Mel Sessions The Productive Photographer Video Training



We will contact all of you within the next couple of days.

I wish you good light!
-- Michael

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