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Win a Light Blaster with Issue 07

In the latest issue of Good Light! Magazine, you get more new tips, tricks and lighting setups than ever before.

Thomas Wilken is shooting high-end fashion with available light and the new Olympus OM-D EM1. Playmate Coxy Dominika is photographed at a crackling hot fireplace using flash and a dragged shutter speed and Damien Lovegrove turns a dull and dark day in January into the sunniest day of the year by using an HMI light during his boudoir shoot. These sets and more were all done on location because the theme of issue 07 is Photo-Mobility.

Our two awesome new editors Maps and Germz compiled these and many more stories about lightweight gear and locations into an issue that has a couple more articles than usual. The hope is that over Christmas you might have a bit more time for a good read. 


The favorite piece of gear of the Good Light! team is a new device called a Light Blaster. This is a tool in the BYOB (Bring Your Own Backdrop) category. If you don’t have a Light Blaster yet, then head over to our Facebook page for a chance win the Light Blaster in our giveaway:

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And if you are not subscribed to Good Light! Magazine yet, then fix it right now so that you can check out Issue 07 immediately. Try out our setups, work with our Photoshop downloads and produce some stunning images.

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Issue 07 is now available to all subscribers of Good Light! Magazine. Like always, our precious subscribers are the first to get ahold of new issues. With their subscription, they also enjoy a nice discount. A subscription is only US$ 2.99 per quarter, compared to US$ 3.99 per single issue.  

I wish you good light!
-- Michael


Image above

Model: Viktória Sima
Photos: Rufei Ma and Michael Zelbel 



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